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This division provides consulting, franchise service, and sustainable operations advisory services relative to the following real estate: timeshare ownership, fractional real estate, condo-hotels, and hotel mixed use developments.

Consulting include product positioning recommendations, market analysis to identify sale price points and absorption time, feasibility studies, appraisals, cash flow forecasts, and expert witness testimony.

The cash flow modeling utilized within the Shared Ownership allows us to separate cash flows by the major business and profit centers present within various types of shared ownership real estate.

With mixed use developments, our team of experts provides advice on the appropriate size, scale, and balance between the hotel component and the various real estate components, and conducts the over-arching feasibility studies needed in order for a mixed use development to be viewed as one integrated development and operation. For proposed developments, our consultant will often begin at the pre-development stage, working with land planners and architects in order to create the optimal product concept and market supported business model for a particular site.

Franchise service are focused on project acquisition services, assistance in securing marketing and branding alliances, pre-development coordination services, and on-going asset management services during the development sellout process.

Branding alliance assistance is frequently utilized by clients who need help in identifying and attracting a family of hotel and/or vacation ownership brands that would represent the optimal 'product-market alignment' of the envisioned real estate. This service involves identifying those brands interested in the market area, presenting the opportunity to the appropriate brand representatives, and assisting clients in the negotiation and/or review of the sales royalty and branded management contract terms.

Sustainable Operations Consulting assists owners and operators of existing hotels and shared ownership real estate to achieve operational sustainability through (a) carbon emissions foot printing, (b) operational waste and cost reduction, and (c) sustainable operating strategies. The core advisory service will quantify the current net carbon emissions footprint of a property, identify opportunities for reducing waste and operating costs, quantify the cost associated with implementing our recommendations, and estimate the range of annual savings resulting from the implementation of our recommended strategies.

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