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Eco Hotels is a global environmental consulting practice focused on the hospitality industry. It empowers hotels with a strategic and competitive advantage by creating environment responsive and sustainable solutions specific for hospitality. The division offers a comprehensive array of sustainable solutions that allow operators to enhance their environmental, economic, and social performance.

9 Square Consultancy Eco Services provide a range of services including

  • Independent Property Assessments

    We undertake independent property assessments, whereby hospitality properties can be assessed for the state of their environmental readiness.

  • Employee Training Modules

    Since we recognize hotel-specific operations and practices rather than just features that can be 'built in' during construction. Thus, it is crucial for the hotel staff to understand and believe in the need for conservation of resources and mitigation of greenhouse gases and adapt their practices accordingly. The training module for the staff is envisioned to increase awareness about the environment and inspire staff to evolve eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day operations.

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