Water-free urinal

Water-free urinals reduce water and sewer costs, maintenance and repair bills, and create more hygienic, odour-free restrooms. A patented, sealed cartridge eliminates the need for water, conserving an average of 150.000 Liters per urinal each year. With water-free urinals, water does not have to be pumped to or from the urinal. This saves energy, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy production - emissions that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Purchasing and installing Water-free urinals is less expensive than manual and automatic flush units because flush valves and associated piping are not required. Maintenance costs and vandalism problems associated with flush valves are also eliminated.


    The heart of the technology is the cartridge, which provides odor-free operation and easy maintenance. The pleasant-smelling sealant liquid inside the cartridge provides an airtight barrier between the drain and the restroom to prevent odors from escaping. Other types of waterless urinals require frequent replenishment of costly sealant liquid and regular maintenance that can keep a urinal out of commission for up to 20 minutes. In comparison, the Falcon Water-free sealant liquid lasts for the life of the cartridge so there is no need to add sealant liquid between cartridge changes plus cartridge replacement takes only a few minutes.

    The cartridge also acts as a trap for uric sediment, which could otherwise contribute to drain pipe clogs. This results in a hygienic and odor-free environment, clean pipes, and no water waste. The only maintenance is routine spray-and-wipe cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge approximately two to three times per year.


    • Water free - absolutely no water is required.
    • Maintenance free - no round the clock maintenance of water flush valve, sensors, drainage systems. etc. is required except cleaning once a day.
    • Hygienic - Bacteria and viruses thrive on moist surface and the wet surface of a flush urinal is a breeding ground for their growth. Hence due to absence of water more hygienic conditions are maintained.
    • Easy installation - within one hour entire system can be installed.
    • Low maintenance cost - depending upon the use, only cartridge has to be replaced.
    • Reverse gases - due to air trap/barrier created by the cartridge, there are no reverse gases from the drainage which creates bad do our in the rest room.
    • Green house gases - lot of energy is consumed to transport water which releases carbon gases thus contributes to global warming. This is eliminated as there is no water required.
    • Savings - substantial monetary savings (enclosed chart) by way of water cost, energy, carbon etc.
    • Reduce burden on STP.
    • Certification- LEED and CII
    • Awards - Global Green Award for the year 2009
    • Technical Details of Ceramic Bowl - Falcon ceramic bowls are made of thick walls to make it shock resistant. These are molded between the temperatures of 1100-1200 degree Celsius with a hot and dry molded. Walls are painted with Glycerin to make it nonstick. Before glazing these mold bowls are kept in an air tight pressure chamber which is dust proof as dust causes pin holes which make the bowl weak in long run. Glazing is antibacterial. Finely bowls are tested for 24 hours to ensure there are no hair line cracks and leakages.

    This quality control production system ensures long life of the urinal.

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