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9 Square Consultancy offers you a full business scan and/or a practical business plan for your destination; during commencement of a new hospitality and leisure venture, or when you want to rejuvenate an existing operation. This is an ideal service for private sector parties.

Do you want to work with experienced Hotel/Resort consultants for your Hotel/Resort development? We provide a written foundation for the development of your resort or hotel, starting with a hotel feasibility study. A business plan by 9 Square Consultancy comprises all features of research, vision, strategy, and marketing, plus more;

We specialize

  • Concept development and pre-feasibility study;
  • Analysis of destination & market trends;
  • Destination strategy & marketing planning;
  • Operational planning;
  • Management & organizational planning;
  • Capital requirements & financial forecasts;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Start-up management.

We take a sustainable approach to all business development projects, and we assist with all formal business presentations towards investing parties.

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