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9 Square Food & Beverage Consultancy, specializes in consulting and valuation of banquet/catering facilities, restaurants, hotels, conference centers, and private clubs. We perform consulting and valuation assignments for developers, lenders, owners, operators, law firms, and accounting firms. Our reports guide for financing, asset sales, development, business break-ups, foreclosures and work-outs.

With our unique combination of experience with both hotels and restaurants, we are the source for studies that address the various components of a complex property in one comprehensive report. Our written reports include thorough, incisive analysis and are detailed yet concise, well-supported, and professionally presented.

We specialize

  • Hotel, Restaurant and Banquet/Catering Facility Real Estate Appraisal

    Clients appreciate our comprehensive appraisals that are well-accepted by lenders and other users of appraisals.
  • Market and Feasibility Studies

    Our market and feasibility studies include pro forma projections of income and expense, and have been used by a wide variety of clients such as developers, lenders, investment banks, bond rating agencies and law firms.
  • Food & Beverage Consulting

    Our reviews of food & beverage operations include an analysis of day-to-day operations and financials. We provide you with the information and recommendations you need regarding operations, inventory controls and menus, plus the strategic planning necessary to help you set clear objectives and reach your goals.
  • Highest and Best Use Studies

    We want to help you identify the highest and best use for your property. Our site analysis, data collection and research services consider potential demand generators, market demographics and competitive facilities.
  • Heritage Property Appraisals, Market Studies and Consulting

    With broad knowledge in historic restaurants and hotels in varying locations including major cities and small towns, we understand the unique nature of heritage buildings and can assist during all phases of the development process.
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