Electronic Water Softeners (Scale-Mover)

Electronic Water Softeners (Scale-Mover) is a result of over 20 long years of Research & Analysis on problems of Hard Water in Industries such as Boilers, Cooling towers, AC plants, Liquid waste disposal system, Food & Milk process system, Warm water system and many others.

In Agriculture hard water poses havoc in plant germination, Assimilation of water & fertilizers resulting in poor intake of minerals by the roads. In Domestic House hold Appliances such as Washing Machine, water geejer & heater, shower panels, Dish washers etc all face problems of chalky sticky substance getting deposited, where by affecting the functioning of all these.

More over the biggest problem house hold faces is that no lather is found whine bathing using shampoo, soap, & detergents.

After innumerable trial and field research, Electronic Water Softeners (Scale-Mover) has been made available to respective fields where hard water has literally created a mess.

Lime scale will no longer form in the pipes or on equipment that comes in contact with hard water. This results in the lowering of the saturation level of hard water, so that new lime scale is prevented and any existing scale is removed. The surface tension of the water is lessened, which will increase the solubility of the water, making it a better solvent.

Water will feel softer and 'wetter' and less detergent will be required.

Water softeners are maintenance nightmares, discharge chlorides into our water stream, waste tons of water, require heavy bags of salt on a regular basis. They are not good for the environment, like Scale-Mover is.

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