"A visionary at the core…"

A visionary and one of the very foremost pioneers of the Exhibitions & Events industry in Gujarat, Mr Jatin Patel is the founder of 9 Square. He started his entrepreneurial career and established the Devdhar Group in 1983. Even that early on, this man had the foresight for acknowledging upcoming trends in the industry and the sharp business acumen to accept them. The result- The Devdhar group grew and grew and challenged its own boundaries by expanding into various industries.

"An innovator at the helm…"

The Co-Founder, Mr. Vishwas Jatin Patel brings his futuristic outlook and a bountiful of fresh ideas to the table. He is an MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management with specialization in convention management and travel, from Switzerland. Mr. Patel has gained a wealth of experience from Switzerland, the heart of the world's hospitality industry. He has also worked with two prestigious brands, Starwood Hotel and Resorts, one of the world's biggest hotel chains, at different designations.

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