Corporate Social Responsibility

"An eco-friendly way of lifeā€¦"

9 Square strongly believes in conservation of nature and its resources. We have joined hands with The Society for Environment Protection (SEP). 9 Square offers SEP its time and resources for creating a Greener Future.

Recently 9 Square extended wholehearted support to SEP'S Eco-Sarjan 2010 project, which was an event promoting awareness of an eco-friendly lifestyle. As part of this initiative, our team assisted in their Cycle Rally/Walkathon and the Plantation drive by planting about 150,000 plants.

The SEP functions with these major objectives, which are also at the heart of 9 Square's philiosophy :

  • To harness the potential and creativity of youth for environmental conservation.
  • To research and disseminate environmental information leading to environmental action.
  • To develop and implement environmental education packages for schools and colleges.
  • To prepare communities to monitor their environmental problems, search for alternatives and implement them.
  • To promote an eco-friendly way of life.
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