Low Water Toilets

Being Innovative and stylish, these are ultra high - efficiency toilet – it goes a step beyond the standard water – saving toilets available on the market. With its low – profile body, breakthrough patented hydraulic technology, and the quietest flush on the planet, its unique design has revolutionized the toilet market. As water fills the tank, energy is harnessed and a patented air transfer system exerts pressure in the bowl's trap way. Activated by simply pressing the flush button, all the waste in the bowl is cleared with a onetime, powerful, quiet flush. Offered in both round and elongated models and adaptable to fit a standard 12" roughing installation, it easily replaces your existing toilet, lowering water usage and utility bills like no toilet ever has.

  • How does it work?

  • How Does the Venturi Effect Work ?

  • Salient features

    • Soft closing seat.
    • Anti microbial coating.
    • No maintenance for 10 years.
    • Ultra-strong flush ability.
    • Clean surface without any residue.
    • Use a unique splash technology, the diameter of siphon is less than 5 mm.
    • Quiet, flushing noise below 50 db fashion look, glazed crystal clear, beautiful and stylish.
    • Dual flushing system - 1lit. (against 3lit.) - Urine & 3lit. (Against 6 lit.) - solid waste per flush.
    • Never blocks
  • Most unique Key features

    • Ultra High Efficiency Flush.
    • Powerful flush delivered with a flush chamber and air transfer system. One flush thoroughly evacuates the bowl.
    • Every time-no need for double flushing or dual-flush systems.
    • Fashion look, glazed crystal clear, beautiful and stylish.
    • Low water toilet - 0.53/1.06 GPF (2/4 Lit.).
    • 1 lit (against 3lit) - Urine & 3 lit (against 6 lit) - solid waste per flush.
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